B2B Founders / CXOs Huddle

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B2B Founders / CXOs Huddle

                                                                                              Avlesh Singh

Co-Founder & CEO


The COVID19 pandemic continues to spread. Preventive measures taken by the government and industry are already having widespread effects. There are concerns around supply-side disruptions, including staff productivity losses, supply-chain dysfunction, and facility closures or the foreseeable future. These shocks and lockdown are set to hamstringing global commerce.

Remember surviving coronavirus is a priority and that will bolster the immune system for the future of startups.

What can startups do? Prioritizing revenue over growth, keeping liquidity for eventualities and cost reduction are some of the obvious measures. Appraisals redesign for employees and milestones in a way that can provide operational and financial security need also be in the anvil. Finally, is there an opportunity?

Get an in-depth understanding of Story Telling.

Storytelling is the key to building a strong startup brand. Learn what storytelling is all about and how it matters to businesses. Find out how storytelling can help you sell your ideas/product/venture/ you yourself as a founder better.

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The platform offers a forum and community of learners, experts, and professionals who would be supporting your endeavors as you learn with the course. The forum extends support to answer any questions or clarify any doubts.

What additional support is extended beyond the course program?

TiE Institute is an initiative of TiE Delhi NCR which has been helping the startup community build, launch and scale startups for over 2 decades. The community has thousands of entrepreneurs and as such conducts various learning and mentoring events. All these opportunities are available to candidates should they wish to continue with TiE Delhi NCR.

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