Immunity and Nutrition in the times of COVID-19

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  Immunity and Nutrition in the times of COVID-19

With the current lockdown underway and the uncertainties looming over infection prevention and treatment of COVID-19, It is paramount that we take care of our immunity and stay at our best health. And as you all are aware by now, the leading reason for fatality in COVID-19 infections are comorbidity (presence of one or more additional conditions co-occurring with a primary condition), thus people suffering from health conditions like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hyper-tension and other life-style related disorders need to exercise caution and alter their lifestyle to bring down the severity of their life-style related disorders.

And, with the movement limited to your households and gyms shut down for unforeseeable time, Healthy eating is the key to maintaining a healthy body and improving your immunity levels. 

TiE Delhi NCR in association with Dr Shikha's NutriHealth, a pioneer in Healthy Eating & Tech-enabled Nutrition Advisory bring to you and informative and interactive webinar series. 

The Webinar will cover the following topics, but not limited to -

On April 14th: Immunity boosting Diet plans & herbs - What reduces Immunity? What are some of the practical remedies possible during lockdown and beyond?

On April 15th: Importance and ways to manage weight during lockdown and limited mobility - Why the Current situation is a classic Obesogenic Environment? Top 10 things to do to transform yourself in the lockdown period? #Reset #Reboot Top 10 Weight Loss Tips; Why detox is important & some DIY Detox tips. 

On April 16th: Eating right for lifestyle-related disorders like Diabetes, High Cholesterol & Hypertension - Nutrition Tips & finding motivation to stick to the plan; Herbs that can be used at Home; Spices which can be used at home for controlling the lifestyle disorders; Simple Exercises at home for staying agile.

ShikhaDr. Shikha Sharma
Founder & Managing Partner
Dr. Shikha's NutriHelath

Dr Shikha Sharma is a medical doctor by training from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. She founded Dr Shikha's NutriHealth with a desire to work in the prevention of lifestyle-related disorders. The Organization is a pioneer in Integrating Modern Nutrition with Vedic Nutrition and serves clients across the globe. She has built a Tele-Nutrition Centre and a Personal Health App - Vedique Diet App, which helps in delivering personalized advisory and compliance monitoring, is another pioneering concept introduced in the area of Wellness. 

Dr. Shikha had a weekly column for 11 years in The National Newspaper, HT BRUNCH. She has also been quoted by several other leading Newspapers and magazine like The Times of India, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Economic Times to name a few. Dr. Shikha appears regularly on Television channels like NDTV, CNBC, Zee Business and others. She is invited frequently for giving talks by the Economist Magazine and ASSOCHAM, All India Management Association (AIMA), TiE Delhi, and many others. She has delivered lectures to the students of top engineering and management colleges like IIT Bombay, IIT Rookie, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Patna, NDIM, IMI Delhi, etc. on entrepreneurship. Recently she was invited as a speaker by Global Compact Network (GCNI) on ‘Developing Northeast through the power of Entrepreneurship' and by IAS Academy Mussoorie.

Dr. Shikha was written about by India Today in its article, Top 50 Young Achievers of the Country. Dr. Shikha has been honored with prestigious awards like the Women Achiever Award (by FICC), Gr8 Indian Women Award in 2011, etc. Recently she has been awarded Indywood Vanitha Ratna Award.

She has been the health advisor to many celebrities, hoteliers, Chief Ministers of Indian states and one Late Prime Minister among others.

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Course Curriculum

  • Immunity boosting Diet plans & herbs
  • Importance and ways to manage weight during lockdown and limited mobility
  • Eating right for lifestyle-related disorders like Diabetes, High Cholesterol & Hypertension

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