Negotiating a Term Sheet

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  Negotiating a Term Sheet

Girish Shivani
Executive Director and Fund Manager
Yournest Venture Capital
Ateev Chadda
Chief Operating Officer
Browndome Consulting

One of the key stages in a start-up fund raise cycle is the term sheet negotiation. Founders are typically self-starters with limited domain experience and are mostly low on finance and legal knowledge. As a result, they do not have the right skill set to decode the critical aspects of a term sheet.

Some of the key terms in a term sheet are anti-dilution, pre-money, post-money, liquidation preference, buy-back, drag-along, tag-along, voting rights, etc. Founders know that these terms are critical but they usually feel a bit overwhelmed of what they all mean. Also, they are always curious to know the future impact of such terms once the investor gets on board.

This online interactive session is intended to make startup founders familiar with key terms in a term sheet.

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Who Should Attend

  • Founders
  • CXOs 
  • Startups

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