Fundraising for
Startups Demystified

Fundraising for Startups Demystified

Start your journey towards creating a world-class venture. Learn the art of raising funds for your venture and quicken the journey of finding investors.

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Learn from the personal experiences of renowned serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, fund managers and experts. An online course that helps you understand the nuances of fundraising at various stages of startups and ventures.

Join the Online Course Now and Learn How to Increase your chances of raising Funds for Your Venture

An online course specially curated based on personal journeys of startup founders, renowned entrepreneurs, fund managers & experts who are part of the largest and the most vibrant chapter across the global TiE network, TiE Delhi-NCR. Built on the positive ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and investors which has been created over a span of 14 years.

Why This Course

This course is for you if you are looking for the tools, guidance and instructions that can help you take your venture to the next level. The course is perfect for those who wish to aim higher and master the art of fundraising irrespective of the funding stage.

Many entrepreneurs across the world have the potential to be the best in the startup world, but do not have access to the right guidance at an early stage. We believe that right training and a multi-dimensional approach to excellence is a quintessential precondition to gain that insight towards excellence.

Available Only With This Course 

Specific guidance videos that share personal fundraising experiences of entrepreneurs in their startup journey, advice & anecdotes from angel investors, fund managers and much more.

This, combined with an assessment at the end of the course, helps you discover most about the fundraising process and gain insights on how to master it.

Start Early, Start Now

Starting preparation early is the Key. This course has been designed for all entrepreneurs in the various stages of their venture looking for funding.

That’s why we highly encourage you to read on and discover how the course helps you:

To learn the art of fundraising so that potential investors are intrigued by your proposition and want to take your pitch forward.

To learn the essence of what makes some entrepreneurs more successful in fundraising that get the coveted funds from the investors of their dreams.

To help you learn the insider information on how you can stand out in the crowd so that you can aim for goals that you once thought were impossible.

Here's How The Course Works

Enroll in the Course

Anyone can start the course at their convenient time. Once started, you get access to premium content curated by TiE Delhi-NCR that guides you step by step in the right direction for success.

Guidance for Success

Every learning in the course's units offers a new perspective on the goal. Guaranteed to push you one step closer to a successful fundraising round.

Short-Learning: Fits in your Pocket

No need to find quiet time to sit down and study. Learn on the go. The course is designed with learning videos accessible on multiple platforms for your convenience.

Influential Learning: Learn from the renowned Expert

The course is designed to maximize engagement and hence includes personal accounts, experiences, and insights from entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, fund managers and renowned members of TiE Delhi-NCR.

This Course is Divided into Five  Main Parts

Valuable learning only available from this course:

  • Art of Fundraising
  • Dynamics of Fundraising
  • Straight Talk: The Joys & Perils Of Angel Investing
  • Future Funding Scenario
  • Building For Billion & Solve For India

Here’s everything you get when you order

‘Writing An Awesome Business Plan For Fundraising’ online course includes video lessons, discussions, Q&A, exercises and much more. The course learning is shared via multiple videos and other course material.

Each video is designed to teach you how to navigate through the challenges of building a successful startup based on the personal entrepreneurial journeys of our course contributors. Learn from their experiences and gain valuable insights on how to build your own multi-million dollars business.

Start Early and give yourself a head start to prepare for the process.

Course Fee: Rs 10,000/-  Rs. 3000/- 
(For a Limited Period only)