The New Normal - Tech Adoption in the Online Games Sector

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The New Normal - Tech Adoption in the Online Games Sector

Covid-19 has impacted how the world does business. In majority of cases, the impact has been negative. However, a few sectors like Games are experiencing tailwinds. People are at home with time at their hands and are playing games. Games also have the power to reduce stress, provide entertainment and social connection, which is much needed during this global quarantine.

  • Cancellation of live sports events has made the users engage more with fantasy sports.
  • In-game items trading platforms are also experiencing rapid growth, and it is one of the fastest growing segment within the Games industry.
  • Esports, with its reliance on live events, has been currently affected but is expected to be one of the key growth drivers for Games industry.
  • Most Sports events have been cancelled or postponed, though some are taking place without audiences.
While people are playing more mobile games the growth in in-app purchases and revenue in most cases is trailing the growth in engagement.

The heightened interest in Games is also accelerating a shift, already underway, towards the delivery of games via mobile and cloud-based platforms. Increasingly, even blockbuster titles are available on mobile devices. Cloud gaming, meanwhile, enables consumers to play streamed games across devices, often without the need for expensive hardware.

Key discussions

  • Gaming Revenues are almost entirely driven by consumer spending. Consumers today buy fewer games but spend more time with those games, shifting the business model from single-unit to recurring revenue generated from a base of active users and ad revenue
  • Widening of monetization avenues through subscription and free-to-play models.
  • Synergies in the gaming industry increase its partnerships with other entertainment sectors
  • Consumer Engagement as a key driver to move media companies and brands inch esports towards the mainstream.

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