Writing An Awesome Business Plan For Fundraising

An Online Course With The Guiding Force To Transform Your Startup Into A Powerful Success

Join Ashish Kashyap, Founder of Goibibo, Pay U and Redbus in this online course as he shares the powerful framework you need to get your startup a killer business plan.

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Bring into practice, the guidance and knowledge shared by our star team of serial entrepreneurs that you need to eliminate doubts, navigate hurdles and build a strong business plan to take your venture to newer heights of success. 

Join the Online Course Now To Learn From Seasoned Entrepreneurs, The Nuances Of Writing An Awesome Business Plan 

An online course specifically curated based on the personal entrepreneurship journeys of seasoned entrepreneurs. Learn from the entrepreneurs as they share their challenges, opportunities, obstacles and roadblocks they faced in their journey to build successful businesses.

Take advantage of the knowledge being shared by founders, renowned entrepreneurs, senior corporate professionals & startup experts who are part of the largest and the most vibrant chapter across the global TiE network, TiE Delhi-NCR. Built on the positive ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and investors which has been created over a span of 14 years.

A Billion Dollar Knowledge Panel

Together, our specially selected panel of course contributors brings with it knowledge worth billions. Based on their experience of building billion-dollar businesses, the knowledge they share with the course participants is priceless.

Complete with anecdotes, personal business experiences, real examples and stories about their own ventures, our star course contributors share with you information that is a must-have.

Meet our Course Contributors

Ashish Kashyap

Founder - Goibibo, PayU

Anisha Singh

Founder - Mydala

Alok Bansal

Founder - Policybazaar & Paisabazaar

Nipun Goyal
Co-Founder - Curofy

Kalpana Jain
Partner - Deloitte

Why This Course

Every venture is different and has different challenges and roadblocks. But what every startup needs most is a strong business plan that acts as a guidance tool to navigate through those obstacles and challenges.

This course is for you if you are looking for the right tools, instructions and guidance to craft your very own business plans. We believe that with the right guidance and training provided at an early stage to any startup or entrepreneur can become successful.

Available Only With This Course 

Daily guidance videos that share real-world business experience of seasoned entrepreneurs who share their best practices for writing a kick-ass business plan that suits your plans best. 

Daily learning videos are also combined with various quick and practical exercises that help you inch closer towards your perfect business plan.

Microlearning That Fits Your Pocket: Start Now

‘Writing An Awesome Business Plan For Fundraising’ has been specifically designed to be a daily learning course based on 'on-the-go learning' model that helps you master your business plan without the need to be heavy on time allotment to go through the course material.

Here's how the course works

Enroll in the Course

Enrollment is open for all and the course can be started at any time. Once started, you get access to exclusive content curated by TiE Delhi NCR that guides you step by step for success.

Guidance for Success

Every learning in the course's units offers a new perspective. Guaranteed to push you one step closer to a master business plan.

On-the-go Learning

No need to find a quiet time to sit down and study. Learn on the go. The course is designed with learning videos accessible on multiple platforms for your convenience.

Premium Learning Content: Learn from the Experts

The course is designed to maximize engagement and hence includes personal accounts, experiences, and insights from entrepreneurs, investors and renowned members of TiE Delhi-NCR.

What This Course Offers

‘Writing An Awesome Business Plan For Fundraising’ online course includes video lessons, discussions, Q&A, exercises and much more. The course learning is shared via multiple videos and other course material.

Each video is designed to teach you how to navigate through the challenges of building a successful startup based on the personal entrepreneurial journeys of our course contributors. Learn from their experiences and gain valuable insights on how to build your own multi-million dollars business.

Here’s everything you get when you order

Complete course is designed to make you think like a seasoned entrepreneur, create kick-ass business plans, impress investors & secure funding, and create a successful venture.

Start the preparation for the funding process at the earliest and make the most of the time available to you before pitching to the Investors.

Start Early and give yourself a head start to prepare for the process.

Course Fee: Rs. 1770/-